Video and Web Monitoring

Set up a 24/7-automated and integrated monitoring system.

If you are operating a network or service and want to monitor its quality, we provide a unique solution that allows you to:.

  • Measure video, web, and network performance/quality – all with a single, integrated solution
  • Schedule the measurements – as you need them, 24/7, and fully configurable
  • Deploy anywhere – using your dedicated hardware, in the cloud, or VMs

See the results live in an easy-to-use and fully customizable web interface.

Video and web performance – both covered.

We use Surfmeter to monitor network and streaming performance across the entire country, 24/7.

What’s really important for us: we can use our own custom alerts – they help us verify our SLAs.

Monitoring Team | Major ISP in the DACH Region

Setting up an automated monitoring system is easy with our expertise

Web browsing, network tests, and video streaming – we have you covered.

Setting up a monitoring system is easy with our Surfmeter technology. Here are the typical steps to get you started:

  • What do you need to measure? Just let us know. We design your measurement schedule. Be it a series of websites, a set of videos, speed tests, or any custom tool – we can instrument it.
  • Where should the measurements be made? If you provide existing hardware, our Surfmeter software runs on it. Whether it’s a Raspberry Pi or a dedicated headless probe – we’ll set up the software for you.
  • Our probes perform automated measurements and play videos, load websites, do the speed tests – just like your users would.
  • We host a server to store your data. We will provide it in our cloud for you – or you supply on-premise hardware.
  • Distribute the probes and start analyzing the data in our dashboard, which we will set up for your needs.

No setup is the same: if you have any special requirements, we’ll work with you to adapt the solution according to your specific use case.

Our customers have successfuly run Surfmeter in various environments, from desktop PCs to single-board computers, in edge nodes or airplanes. Let us know what your use-case is and we’ll make Surfmeter work for you.

Probes for automated monitoring.



There are many reasons our customers rely on our monitoring solutions.

  • You stream it – we measure it

    Measure almost any service – perfect for ISPs, MSOs, OTTs, and content providers

  • Quality of Experience (QoE)

    See exactly what your users would experience

  • Powerful QoS monitoring

    Monitor network and streaming data

  • Command-line support

    No GUI needed – deploy in headless mode.

  • Runs in any environment

    Deploy to the cloud, existing servers or dedicated hardware

  • Fully customizable 24/7 monitoring

    Define your own measurement schedule and parameters

  • Fully integrated with Analytics

    Get immediate access to all measurement results

  • Automatic Updates

    Distribute new versions and configuration changes automatically

Use cases for automated monitoring systems

Cover many scenarios with our Surfmeter-based monitoring solution.

  • Benchmarking OTT services: Understanding the differences between various service offerings is vital. Whether it’s you against your competitors, or getting an overview of the market, we collect the relevant KPIs to rank and compare services.
  • Network fault monitoring: Immediately see when upstream issues could affect your customers. We can detect issues that might only surface at the browser level – where throughput measurements are not enough, Surfmeter uncovers application errors that could lead to customer frustration.
  • Capacity testing: What is your product capable of? Instrument network capacity tests alongside browser-based application measurements to understand the level of service quality that you can offer to your customers.
  • Ensuring SLAs: If you have specific agreements with your clients, you need to ensure that the service levels are kept. Our monitoring system helps with that.

What are your requirements? Let us know and we will find a solution together.

Our tools – your use cases.

Solutions out of market proven modules

The products that power the Surfmeter monitoring solution.

Surfmeter Lab

Our core technology to drive video and web tests. Any service that runs in a browser — we can measure it.

Read more.

Surfmeter Automator

Automated measurements – at scale. A powerful automation framework for running Surfmeter measurements on a schedule.

Read more.

Surfmeter Dashboard

More than just data – our streaming analytics dashboard combines all Surfmeter measurement results.

Read more.

Contact Us

Let us know your questions.

We will find the solution that works best for you.

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Capabilities and Supported Technologies

We constantly implement new data sources and visualisation options.

Measurements for video, web and network

Common OTT platforms (see below)
ExoPlayer (HLS and DASH)
DASH.js, hls.js
Web Browsing KPIs (W3C Navigation Timing API)
Speed tests (download, upload, latency)
Network measurements (ICMP ping, DNS, …)

Selected services we support

Amazon Prime
ARD/ZDF Mediathek
… and many more (just ask!)

Dashboard Features

Fully customizable visualizations
Combine filters and graphs in dashboards
User and permissions management
Delegate access to stakeholders

Live data feeds, 24/7
API for import and export of data

Cloud-based service: access directly through your browser
Fully compatible with mobile devices

Integrations and deployment

Add context data from your sources
Ingest additional measurements via API
Perform regular exports for further analysis

On-premise or hosted by us
Fully GDPR-compliant hosting
Secure German datacenter

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