What we offer

  • compare your service offerings against contenders
  • a crowdsourcing-based platform for quality monitoring data
  • get an end-to-end view on service quality and customer experience
  • pinpoint the weak spots in your delivery chain or your network
  • optimize your service to improve user satisfaction

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Crowd-based quality monitoring – a clear market advantage

Whether you are a video streaming provider looking to increase user engagement, or an Internet provider optimizing their network, you can leverage the possibility to gather quality metrics from thousands of users and end devices through crowdsourcing.

With our solution, you can anonymously collect customer experience data directly from your users. We take care of supplying both users and the measurement data – you get the results delivered in realtime.

Real user testing – what are the benefits?

Crowd-based quality measurement data can be gathered in two ways:

  • Active: the user performs a measurement
  • Passive: the quality data is measured in the background

With active measurements, you can fully leverage the possibilities of crowd-based monitoring. Here, we work with a crowd provider, who incentivizes real users to perform “crowd tasks”. In these tasks, users install a monitoring software on their device – and thereby give you insight into the quality data.

Your main benefits are:

  • measure what real customers experience and how they use your services
  • perform measurements directly on the client device
  • choose the measurement times and geographical locations
  • allow customers to give direct feedback

Compare your service against contenders

Real user experience measurements can help you understand how your service offerings compare against others.

This exemplary chart shows real data based on 4,000 measurements we collected at German customer homes during 2019. While others struggle to deliver the same video quality during peak hours, one ISP clearly delivers better video quality (MOS) throughout the evening.

Who is the crowd?

Who are the crowd users? There are different ways to manage your own crowd and find the right users for the job:

  • Use your own customers
  • Pick “friendly users”
  • Let a crowd provider do the heavy lifting

Which solution is the best for you? That depends on your needs. We assist you in to choosing a broad variety of users who are representative for your entire customership.

The future of quality monitoring

Crowdsourcing will become the basis for the next generation’s quality monitoring systems. Data collected from a large crowd user pool can be more representative of your entire customer base. The EU’s regulating body BEREC and major standardization organizations such as ITU-T and ETSI also recognize the importance of crowdsourcing. With our crowd-based quality monitoring solution, you can be at the forefront of novel measurement techniques.

AVEQ’s crowd-based quality monitoring solution was successfully used within a customer’s measurement campaign that was certified by German auditor TÜV NORD.

BEREC recognises the standardised measurement approaches from ETSI, ITU and IETF, however BEREC places the greatest emphasis on the practical implementation of the measurement methodology in a crowdsourced scenario, where measurements can be run by any end-user and the metric being measured reflects as closely as possible real end-user experience of Internet usage.

— BEREC BoR 17 178 – Net Neutrality Regulatory Assessment Methodology

User data collection and privacy

  • Fully anonymous

    No personally identifying information

  • Fully transparent

    Documented and easy to understand

  • Respecting user privacy



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