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Real customer experience data and ⁠analytics

For OTTs, MNOs and ISPs we:

  • automate E2E measurements of video streaming services, web and network performance
  • provide user-centric quality diagnosis from the real end devices
  • calculate end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) based on the latest standards and research
  • optimize your services and identify QoE and QoS network bottlenecks
Illustration: Inspecting Video Streaming

Gain insight into video streaming QoE and more!

The Surfmeter app now enables us, for the first time, to record qualitative measurements that are comparable with the customer’s actual perception.

Volker Libovsky – CTIO, Magenta Telekom

The Surfmeter app now enables us,
for the first time, to record qualitative measurements that are comparable with the customer’s actual perception.

Volker Libovsky – CTIO, Magenta Telekom

Calculate Customer Experience

How your customers experience video streams.

Users typically blame their provider for video quality issues. However, the relationship between bandwidth and video quality is not linear.

  • Gather video and streaming QoS data and calculate QoE
  • Pinpoint the parameters degrading customer satisfaction.
  • The MOS Mean Opinion Score – predicts how a customer would rate a video.
  • Trust a validated model – relying on real customers at a world-leading telco.

A single quality score to express CX


Reasons to rely on our QoS & QoE measurement suite.

  • You Stream It – We Measure It

    All types of video streams covered.
    Ideal for ISPs, MSOs, OTTs, Content Providers.

  • Predict and Optimize QoE

    Know how subscribers experience their streams. Increase customer satisfaction with video services.

  • Reduce Churn

    Know about the issues your customers have before they leave.

  • Troubleshoot for a Wide Range of Use Cases

    Comprehensive QoS and QoE data for many cases allows for efficient troubleshooting – saving valuable time.

  • State-of-the-Art R&D

    Our partnerships with academic institutions and leadings telcos give us an edge in video engineering research.

  • Improve Service Quality

    Gain a competitive advantage and optimize service revenue.

Surfmeter Products and Modules

Market proven products and technology. Combine to fit your needs.

Analytics, Dashboards and Data APIs

Actionable insights from all Surfmeter modules.

  • Create custom dashboards with detailed data from all Surfmeter measurements.
  • Delegate cloud access to stakeholders.
  • APIs for easy data integration – ingest and output.
  • Customizable context data for location, region, technology.

Analytics allow you to act – before it is too late.


Solutions and Additional Technologies

We’ll support you if you have specific requirements or need any advanced customization.

Partners and Clients

Partners and Clients

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Capabilities and Supported Technologies

We constantly implement new features.
If you need something, just ask.

Measurements for video, web and network

Common OTT platforms (see below)
ExoPlayer (HLS and DASH)
DASH.js, hls.js
Web Browsing KPIs (W3C Navigation Timing API)
Speed tests (download, upload, latency)
Network measurements (ICMP ping, DNS, …)

Selected services we support

Amazon Prime
ARD/ZDF Mediathek
… and many more (just ask!)

Technical Capabilities

In-depth QoS and QoE data
Single MOS score for video QoE
Integration with existing players, data feeds, …
Custom browser plugins/extensions
Customizable Analytics dashboard
Customizable visualizations
24/7 QoS/QoE monitoring
Fully automated measurements
Combination with context data
Distributed systems testing
Headless setup / GUI-free

OS and browsers

Mobile, desktop or server. Tell us what you need.

OS and Browsers


About current tech for video streaming and CX.

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