Audiovisual Quality Experts

Do you know how your customers experience your services?
We do.

Video Streaming Performance

We have the tools to measure the performance of your video streaming services — from the client or network side.

Quality Analytics

We give you insights into the quality offered by your video and web services, and identify performance bottlenecks.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting for projects that involve streaming video and the web, particularly related to video and audio coding.

We are experts in Quality of Experience (QoE), supporting you to monitor and optimize your video streaming services, network infrastructures and websites in order to satisfy the needs of your customers.

Our ideas and solutions are based on year-long experience in academic–industrial partnerships and R&D projects.

About Us

Werner Robitza

Founder, CEO

Working in the area of video streaming and Quality of Experience since 2009, Werner has been designing video quality measurement tools and monitoring solutions for Internet providers. He has previously worked for the Ilmenau University of Technology, Deutsche Telekom and TU Berlin.  Known on the Internet as @slhck, he is the author of several video encoding guides and academic papers.

Alexander Dethof

Founder, CTO

Alexander possesses deep knowledge in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Since 2015 he has been focusing on the development of distributed systems and research in video player QoE. His architectures are the basis of our quality monitoring solutions. You can find him in the Internet as @fohletex.

Partners / Clients

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