What we offer

  • Video streaming quality data

    Get metrics on how your video service performs.

  • Web performance data

    Measure website loading times and other indicators.

  • Diagnostic data

    Drill down into service issues with additional data.

  • Data aggregation

    Group data by region, service, customer type, and other factors.

  • Alerting

    Get alerts when metrics exceed certain thresholds.

  • Visualization

    Design informative and easy-to-understand charts of your service quality.

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Use video streaming analytics to increase user engagement

Improve customer engagement and prevent user churn.

With our web and video streaming analytics solutions, you can gain valuable and actionable insights into your service or network performance, and visualize aspects such as:

  • video streaming quality
  • web page loading times
  • customer behavior
  • overall user experience and Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • additional, diagnostic data

Video streaming is one of the most dominant and data-hungry applications on the Internet. Cisco estimates that by 2022, more than 80% of IP traffic will be video.* As competition rises, customers demand the highest possible quality of the services that they use – and their Internet access. Only with a solution dedicated to video and web quality monitoring, you will be equipped to know what your customers experience.

* Cisco Visual Networking Index 2018

Identify video streaming problems and root causes

Whether you’re operating a video streaming service, hosting web applications, or sending video traffic across your networks, fault detection is crucial. Our analytics solution allows you to:

  • accurately measure service quality (web performance and video streaming)
  • identify issues with technologies, regions, or even single customers
  • react to problems immediately
  • perform a root cause analysis using additional diagnostic data

Equipped with this information, you will be able to optimize your services for the customers who need it most.

How it works

How ISPs and Over the Top service providers benefit from our solutions

As an Internet Service Provider, you can:

  • compare how different video streaming services and websites perform on your network
  • set up analytics based on automated network probes in different regions and customer profiles
  • measure how real customers experience your offerings using the crowd
  • compare your services with other ISPs

As an Over-the-Top (OTT) provider, you can:

  • measure your service quality from an end-to-end perspective using real customer data
  • drill down into different customer groups, devices, technologies
  • compare your offerings against other video services with the help of crowdsourcing

Technical specifications

  • Supported services: YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, dash.js, ARD/ZDF Mediathek, HTML5 generic media playback
  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Supported operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux (through browser)

Measure every service

To give you the best coverage of the market, we support all major video services and player platforms/technologies, and we are fully equipped to extend our support for any custom service you want.

With our support of common video platforms like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, we can cover more than two thirds of the Video on Demand market. If you are an ISP, you can therefore count on getting representative analytics for your customer base.

Gather metrics from different end devices

With our analytics solutions, you can gather metrics from different client platforms and end devices. We support the most commonly used video playback stacks like HTML5 streaming and players like Dash.js. Our software runs anywhere a web browser runs.


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