What your customers experience? We tell you.

Surfmeter Lab calculates Quality of Experience with data from the device on which you stream videos, browse websites, or perform speed tests.

Our app uses advanced algorithms to determine the customer experience of video streaming – without needing to ask users for their opinion. Our video QoE model has been validated with real customer surveys, and has been used at a world-leading telco. We also provide standardized web performance metrics and can determine the available network bandwidth through speed tests.

On top of the QoE results, we provide all the technical measurement data as well, in an easy to access analytics dashboard or via an API feeding directly into your systems.

Surfmeter on the phone

Perfect for content providers and network operators

A customer-centric QoE tool for your service assurance

  • You stream it – we measure it

    For ISPs, MSOs, OTTs, Content Providers etc. – all companies providing video streams

  • Perform in-depth QoE analysis

    Gain insight into how your customers experience the quality of your video content

  • Understand your users’ pain points

    Discover issues resulting from network bottlenecks or inefficient service configuration

  • Measure Web QoS and Speed Tests

    Surfmeter collects important web KPIs and upload/download speeds

  • Troubleshoot your customers’ issues

    Technicians can measure with our service app – in the field and in the lab

  • Improve your services

    Optimize your services to keep customers happy, churn low, and revenue high

Runs on all devices

Surfmeter Lab is made for content providers and everyone providing video streams

Surfmeter Lab Mobile
  • Surfmeter Lab Mobile app for Android
  • Measure video streaming quality in the field and in the lab
  • Perfect for drive testing, live events, service technicians
  • Track mobile network and location data
  • 5G-compatible
  • SDK available for custom apps
Surfmeter Lab
  • Surfmeter Lab extension for web browsers
  • Measure video streaming quality as your users experience it in the browser
  • Compare your service against major OTTs (e.g. YouTube)
  • Web browsing KPI and speed tests measurements
  • Ideal for laboratory settings and deployments at home
  • Extended measurement scenarios and automatization possible

Partners and Clients

Quality matters: to us, our partners, and our customers

How we calculate the validated Mean Opinion Score

Video quality models are the algorithms that are used to determine the visual experience that a video delivers. We gather the necessary input data for the video quality models and deliver the following information:

  • Mean Opinion Score (customer experience)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as loading times or bitrate
  • Diagnostic information for troubleshooting

We implement our quality measurement solutions based on our year-long experience with video quality monitoring standardization at ITU-T. Our models are the result of years of joint research and have been shown to significantly outperform other models in terms of accuracy and speed.

We cooperate with our academic partner, TU Ilmenau, to extend and validate the video quality models so that they are fit for next-generation codec technology.

Surfmeter Architecture

Cloud-based architecture customized to fit your systems

Our architecture is as flexible as your streaming service or network. You can deploy the Surfmeter app for on-demand troubleshooting at the client side or use Surfmeter within the network for continuous quality monitoring. We provide our Analytics solution in our own cloud or on-premise.

You can easily scale from small lab deployments to large streaming-service monitoring.

We can also customize Surfmeter Lab for your service. Any common streaming format or player is supported by our ecosystem. Our modular approach allows you to use Surfmeter for both optimizing your streaming service and end-to-end quality monitoring.

Technical specifications

  • Video quality and QoE measurement on an easy to understand Mean Opinion Score (MOS) scale
  • All relevant video KPIs (bitrate, resolution, stallings, quality changes, …)
  • Usage of the best-in-class QoE models
  • All major video codecs supported (H.264, H.265/HEVC, VP9, AV1)
  • Coverage of popular resolutions and frame rates (24–60fps, up to 1080p and 4K)
  • Modular approach for encoding optimization and end-to-end quality monitoring
  • Web browsing KPI measurements (e.g., page load time, document ready time) according to W3C Navigation Timing API, First Contentful Paint (Google Lighthouse)
  • Speed test measurements (upload, download, latency)
  • Support for common device types (TV, PC, laptop, mobile). Supported platforms: Android 8+ (Surfmeter Lab Mobile); Windows, macOS, Linux (Surfmeter Lab)

If you provide a video streaming service, Surfmeter Lab is perfect for you.

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