Automated measurements – at scale

Surfmeter Automator is an easy-to-use, all-integrated measurement solution to run video, website and network measurements – deployed to thousands of devices or measurement points – without the need for a graphical user interface.

  • Fully automated measurements – performed according to a custom schedule that fits your needs.
  • Deploy anywhere – Surfmeter Automator runs on dedicated hardware, in the cloud, or VMs.
  • 24/7 QoS/QoE monitoring – check bandwidth, speed, throughput and video quality, all without human intervention.

At its core, Surfmeter Automator uses the Surfmeter technology to perform its measurements.

Monitoring made easy ­– for ISPs and OTTs

Explore the benefits of Surfmeter Automator

  • You stream it – we measure it

    Surfmeter can measure almost any service, perfect for ISPs, MSOs, OTTs, Content Providers etc.

  • Real QoE measurements

    Measure exactly what your users would experience

  • Powerful QoS monitoring

    Determine your connection’s bandwidth and latency

  • Command-line support

    No GUI needed – deploy in headless mode

  • Runs in any environment

    You can deploy to the cloud, existing servers, or dedicated hardware

  • Fully customizable

    Define your own measurement schedule and parameters

  • Fully integrated with Analytics

    Get immediate access to all measurement results

  • Automatic updates

    Automatically distribute new versions and configuration changes

Partners and Clients

Quality matters: to us, our partners, and our customers

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Deploy Surfmeter Automator wherever you need it

Our architecture is as flexible and scalable as your service or network. You can deploy Surfmeter Automator on different devices:

  • on existing hardware (e.g., a PC)
  • on a dedicated measurement probe
  • as a virtual machine or in the cloud

You can also deploy it:

  • at the client side (e.g. LAN) for a full end-to-end measurement
  • within your own networks for continuous quality monitoring.

With our solution, you can easily scale from small lab deployments to large monitoring architectures.

A proven solution for distributed monitoring

Surfmeter Automator has been successfully used in various distributed monitoring scenarios. Our solution was configured to continuously measure video quality (MOS) and speed tests across dozens of clients over the period of several weeks.

With Surfmeter Automator, our customers can:

  • Immediately detect connection issues and service outages
  • Measure quality drops throughout the day
  • Compare the quality of different connection types

Contact us to find out more about Surfmeter Automator and how we can help you monitor your service.

With Surfmeter Automator, you can easily identify network issues via video MOS drops.

Measure everything: Video Streaming, Speed and Web Page Performance

Whatever measurement you need, we can run it.

Video Streaming Tests

Measure video streaming QoS and QoE.

Get detailed data and user-centric quality diagnosis by using advanced algorithms to calculate the end-user MOS.

Read more about Video Quality Measurement.

Web Page Performance

Compare web page performance for various sites. We support the latest W3C performance APIs for valid and standardized measurements. Includes metrics such as:

  • Document Ready Times
  • Page Load Times
  • DNS Resolution Times

Internet Speed Tests

Collect speed test results for different services or providers — you can even choose the speed test provider or tool.

Main speed metrics include download, upload and latency for your measurement probes. Visualize metrics in our dashboard over time or in aggregation.

Combine speed test results with streaming tests.

Technical specifications

  • Automation framework for Surfmeter Lab
  • Compatible with Unix-based systems (Linux, macOS)
  • Runs on any x86/x64 and ARM architecture (e.g., Raspberry Pi)
  • Customizable measurement schedule and options
  • Automatic remote update functionality
  • Automatic measurement configuration change deployment
  • Support for CLI-only/headless mode (no display required)
  • All Surfmeter features, including:
    • Video quality and QoE measurement on an easy to understand Mean Opinion Score (MOS) scale; all relevant video KPIs (bitrate, resolution, stallings, quality changes, …)
    • Web browsing KPI measurements (e.g., page load time, document ready time) according to W3C Navigation Timing API, First Contentful Paint (Google Lighthouse)
    • Speed test measurements (upload, download, latency)
    • Network measurements (ICMP ping, DNS lookup, …)

Contact us – for a demo or more info

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